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Why Your Insurance Company Should Know Your Industry

You own a business, so you already see that you need general liability and property insurance. Very simply put, general liability insurance protects your assets if you are sued from someone who is injured on your property, or whose belongings have been damaged by your business. Property insurance covers your building and the contents of your business.

Plenty of insurance companies and policies exist, but when choosing a company to protect your livelihood, it’s critical you select one that really understands your industry. Here’s why.

Get the right coverage

dining-outLet’s say you’re a restaurant owner. You need different coverage than a contractor does. When a company knows your industry, you should have specialized limits for operations that are exclusive to your industry. For example, you might have protection for things like food spoilage or shutdown due to contamination.

Know your risks and your employees’
Part of being insured by a company like SECURA means you receive safety consultations and resources to help control accidents and injuries. And fewer accidents and injuries mean lower insurance premiums and more time on the job to earn an income. Every workplace has unique risks. That’s why it’s so important for you to select a company that knows exactly what to look for on your jobsite.

Receive appropriate pricing
Because some business owners need lower limits and have less risky operations, it’s only right that their premium reflects that. Count on accurate pricing when your insurer has a good idea of your insurance needs.

Use an independent agent
An independent agent is always your best advocate. Not only will they look for the best prices for you, but they understand when you’re getting real value. They know an insurer’s expertise in your industry.