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7 Resolutions for a Safer New Year

Monday, December 30, 2013 check-markcheck-markcheck-mark

If you’re still deciding on a New Year’s resolution, consider using the year to improve your safety at home or on the road. Try one, or all, of these resolutions to make 2014 a safer year for you and your family:

1. Review your insurance policy. If you’ve renovated your home, switched cars, or made large purchases, make sure you have appropriate coverage. Talk to your independent agent to know your family and home are protected.

2. Develop a home inventory. An inventory is a record of the items in your house. You can make a list with brief descriptions of the items, or take a video showing the contents of each room. In case of a claim, you won’t need to remember all your belongings, and your home will be restored faster. Get tips to help create your inventory.

3. Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Check both regularly to make sure the batteries are working. Learn more about carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Create a first aid kit. Keep your kit in an easy-to-find place so you can react quickly in case of emergency. Purchase one pre-assembled, or make one with these items.

5. Check your home for fire hazards and create an escape plan. Look for flammable materials close to a stove, overloaded electrical circuits, and these other potential hazards. Practice an emergency escape plan with your family, including where you’ll meet outside the home in case of fire.

6. Build a roadside emergency kit. Be prepared for a flat tire, dead battery, or other vehicle problems by keeping a kit of supplies in the trunk of your auto. Include these items.

7. Stop distracted driving. The possible distractions while driving are limitless: phones, food, GPS, and more. But by deciding to put everything away before you start driving, you’re making the road safer for yourself and other drivers. See the risks of distracted driving.